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Gamelogi Outsourcing Game Operations Service and Team

You can say that the Gamelogi Outsourcing Game Operations unit and the entire team of this unit are game freaks who raise the bar.

A game’s dream success requires a community of responsible, yet dedicated, experts in the game world. In Gamelogi game operation studies, a careful selection and assignment is provided according to the game structure in line with the demands of each business partner and customer.

Game Staff (GS) or Game Master (GM) provides gamers with an impeccable service to help their partners achieve their goals and objectives. Game customer support is, of course, one of the most basic elements of a game, but it is possible for a game to be uninterrupted, fair, lively and versatile with the contributions of the operations team. Gamelogi outsourced game operation services come into play at this point and offer unique opportunities to gain an effective share in the Turkey – Turkish game market.


Game Operation
Service Content

Gamelogi provides gamers with a flawless gaming service to help you achieve your goals.
Game Management
Gamelogi has the infrastructure and experience to undertake game management responsibilities for all game activities. It monitors the game policies and makes the necessary applications, if any, and includes the sub-game operation service contents.
Game Moderation
In-game moderation, which is important for providing players with a fair and balanced gaming community, has also always been one of the most important touchpoints for player feedback. The Gamelogi team continues to work consistently with its partners in providing comprehensive data and statistics for Turkish players, in-depth analysis, and insight-based suggestions.
Game Supervision
Gamelogi has emergency protocols for critical game issues. In case of any game problem, Gamelogi Game Operations team ensures that the problem is directed to the appropriate teams of the business partner and provides instant solutions by using various communication channels for this purpose.
Game Events
Activities that are held, coordinated and implemented at regular intervals, providing additional CCU (concurrent user) support and efforts to increase the player retention rate are among our services. With these services, you can make your Turkish players feel different with special and unique Turkish activity ideas depending on the structure of your game.
Game Payment Options
The demographic and financial parameters required for an online player to be paid vary by country and region. Gamelogi helps you with the most practical and convenient payment methods for your game and company with its strong business partners and connections.

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