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Gamer team raises the bar for localization to the highest level in the game industry, and the team, which attaches great importance to all details, shows its difference with the fact that it consists of professionals who know the Turkish game culture. Gamelogi Outsourced Game Localization Service and Team is aware that one of the most important criteria for Turkish players is the Turkish language option, and it is here with the Turkish language option service for success in the Turkish game markets.

Gamelogi Turkish Game Localization and Turkish Game Translation are services based on the fact that each country and even each region has its own cultural elements. The reflection of the culture in the games can only be possible with the correct translation.

Thanks to the language option, it becomes easier and more enjoyable to be involved in the game world and reflected culture. At this point, it should not be forgotten that the literal translation of words will be insufficient and that the versatility of the language should be given great importance in a true translation service that will reflect the culture. Gamelogi, which offers superior translation service quality within the framework of this important rule, offers highly devoted translation services for promotional articles on game platforms such as App (APP) Market, Steam, Epic Games, as well as localization of online, mobile, MMO, PC and console games. . As another reassuring detail, it should be added that all the work of the Gamelogi Turkish Game Localization team is checked by the Gamelogi Game Quality Assurance teams through the Localization Test.


Game Localization
Service Content

All the work of the Game Localization team is checked by the Gamelogi Game Quality Assurance teams through the Localization Test.
Online Game Localization
Online games are attracting more and more players as one of the fastest growing web services in the world. The Gamelogi team, which consists of translators who speak Turkish as a native language, stands out in this service area as experts who are crazy about games and games that understand the language of the players.
MMO Game Localization
The interest in MMO games, which started with the computer age and increased as computers fill internet cafes and enter all houses, continues to be one of the focal points today after growing rapidly. The Gamelogi Turkish Localization team, on the other hand, is fully aware that MMO game culture is an extremely unique field, different from all other game approaches.
Mobile Game Localization
The mobile game market, which makes up a large part of the game market, offers unique opportunities to reach every country, every age group and gender. However, robot translation services offered by application markets are extremely inadequate for those who want to be included in this market. The fact that these robot services negatively affect your game in terms of SEO and ATO can also be one of the important obstacles. Gamelogi, which helps you to access the Turkish Game Market thanks to Turkish Mobile Game Localization, not only provides mobile game translation services, but also continues to support your game as well as your company with game customer support and game community management tasks.
Game Web Localization
Whether your game is Browser, MMO or Mobile, you should know that every product in the game industry has a website or a game page published under the roof of a company. All language rules that apply to the Turkish Game Localization also apply to the translation of the game page. This language should appeal to the local people of Turkey and have a form of expression that is both descriptive and striking. Robot translations, on the other hand, can cause negative effects in game promotion, and the importance of expertise in game translation is revealed. Gamelogi Game Portal Management, which you can trust for Turkish translation, provides the best services for all the announcements and news feed elements on your game web page.
Game Localizing Assets
When different game assets, such as buttons, are converted to abbreviations, they can have different meanings than intended. For this reason, all assets should be carefully translated by translators who are experts in the game.
Localizing Game Media
If you want the most accurate placement for promotions and marketing content of games in Turkish and the best translation without loss of meaning or design errors, you are in the right place. Design Localization - Video Localization - Content Localization

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