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Customer support is a key service for every industry, not just gaming. Game Customer Support Service, on the other hand, is a service usually provided by a game developer or publisher on behalf of helping its players and community. With Gamelogi Gaming Customer Support Service, you will no longer have to worry about Games in Turkish and Gaming Community.

Gamers today are looking for the best, they want an innovative and immersive gaming experience, as well as the best service, being treated as a ‘real person’ and a customer support format that focuses directly on their problems.

No matter how well your game is developed, you need to provide a quality player support system to keep player loyalty and satisfaction at a consistently high level and to extend the life of your game.

Gamelogi Gaming Customer Support, on the other hand, offers this service as an ideal outsource, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, with its professional team consisting of experts in Turkey and the Turkish Game Market. Our team provides regular reports with up-to-date statistics about your community and player sentiment, allowing you to constantly follow trends, manage unexpected bugs, update issues and show your players how much you care about them.


Game Customer Support
Service Content

Gamelogi Gaming Customer Support Service bridges the gap between game publishers and base gamers. The dedicated team provides world-class customer service to meet both customer expectations and partner goals. Remember, Gamelogi sets itself apart from the rest in its unique ability to understand the needs of its partners and customers as well as their needs.
Game Ticket Support
Support services are provided through functional help desk ticketing software used in the gaming industry and/or any other ticketing software that players are familiar with.
Game Player Support
A game can have many similarities. However, each game is unique in its essence. In this direction, we provide a player support service that includes guides and directions for training your players about the game.
Game Email Support
You may not use ticketing software, but you can provide e-mail support through your software with your own means. If you are using the e-mail option to resolve temporary customer questions, concerns and feedback about your game, you should know that Gamelogi's first service in 2008, E-Mail Support Service, is still active and is the category we have the most experience with.
Game Messaging Support
It is known that cloud-based messaging programs are used uninterruptedly, as all people around the world have mobile devices. If you want to make a difference and support social messaging software such as WhatsApp and Telegram, Gamelogi is at your side in this regard.
Game Phone Support
If you want to set up a game call center to be Customer Service, provide instant support and increase the trust of your players to the next level, Gamelogi Gaming Phone Support Service will be the perfect option. Experienced and professional Gamelogi team with fluent speech is proud to offer this service.
Game Chat Support
Each game has different features and communication channels. If your game has an in-game chat system, experienced Gamelogi professional team members are at your side in controlling it as well as using it to support players.
Game Social Media Support
Social media and platforms are universally indispensable for users. Players will follow the pages, profiles and groups of the games they play or are interested in. You can reach us to find your perfect game customer support service right now to continue on social media.

What are the

Game customer support service for any platform

No matter what game platform; We offer seamless customer support for browser Gaming, MMO gaming, mobile gaming and console games.

Be reachable wherever and whenever possible

The support system is multi-channel with emails, live chat, in-game chat or phone call. You can provide game customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. If you are looking for different options, you can push the limits with Game Community Management and alternatives such as forum, Discord, app store reviews, social media management and feedback management.

Get rid of the expenses

Building an internal game support team means different financial burdens such as recruitment, team skills development, social security and promotions. By getting a professional service from Gamelogi Gaming Customer Support, you will get rid of this cost stress completely.

Keep all your communications safe

Another service item that you will not have to worry about the data security of your players; In our work, all communication channels and player communications remain safe with ISO certificates.

Focus on your brand

In Game Customer Service, you can get first-class team support without the need for team building and teaching the team about the product. You focus on building your brand and continue your journey to success without having to worry about the support team. Also, Gamelogi Gaming Customer Service will be much less costly than building an in-house support team from scratch, which will increase your focus on your brand

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