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We can say that Gamelogi Outsourcing Game Community Management Services team is a team of gamers who raise the bar in the game industry and game community management, and who are literally game freaks.

The game publisher targets professional players, while professional gamers want to use all the resources of a game and take control knowing everything. The use of all channels by a game consisting of professionals depends on the fact that it provides healthy and uninterrupted information transfer to its players.

Properly addressing the needs, preferences and concerns of players is a requirement that will influence not only the internal structure but also important business decisions that will affect the entire gaming community. In this regard, Game Community Management is one of the most important game and business structures. The Gamelogi Game Community Management team, on the other hand, provides uninterrupted communication between the game publisher and the players by reporting the ideas and concerns of the players, analyzing the problems with expert opinions.


Game Community Management
Service Content

Game Forum Management
As a classic, it is possible to say that the games are indispensable for the forum software, which is the ancestor of ticketing software and FAQs. Although the use of forums has decreased after the emergence of social platforms, these formations remain a unique player support for the game and the player community. The expert community management team, on the other hand, has command and management of all popular forum systems.
Game Discord Moderation
In-game moderation, which is important for providing players with a fair and balanced gaming community, has also always been one of the most important touchpoints for player feedback. The Gamelogi team continues to work consistently with its partners in providing comprehensive data and statistics for Turkish players, in-depth analysis, and insight-based suggestions.
Game Application Management
It is a fact that mobile devices have spread very rapidly in the last 10 years, and it can be mentioned that the interest shown in investments in mobile games, like smart devices, has increased considerably. Users, on the other hand, attach great importance to issues such as game promotion, comment feedback and interaction while listing in application markets. It is very important for the game community management to respond, as users have the opportunity to change their comments. In fact, providing feedback according to the analyzes causes changes in comments and ratings. Gamelogi Game Community Management team not only manages your mobile game in the store but also provides support to your players.
Game Portal Management
Gamelogi checks the announcement and news feed after making the necessary adjustments on your game's portal. It should be noted that the more active the use of the portal, the more plus points you will have in the player community.
Game Social Media Management
Billions of people use social media, and the importance of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, which are indispensable for game advertising and marketing agencies, is increasing day by day. While players prefer social media to follow the games they are interested in or play, these channels are also needed to reach new players and users. In other words, social media, which is a very necessary media system in game marketing, requires a fluent, up-to-date and quality management style in this field. While using these channels to interact with users brings extremely positive effects, successful social media management also means reduced advertising costs and increased success. Gamelogi Gaming Community team offers the best quality social services for your Turkish/Turkish games to manage your social media in the best way and to increase your interaction with your gaming community.
Partner Activations
Working principles, culture, lifestyle and perception styles are different for each country and region. Our services continue to be a savior in the face of this situation, which may require you to spend time and contact different units in every service you may need in the Turkish gaming market. Gamelogi units collect every mentioned work in a single pool with its strong partnership structure and communication channels. All business partnerships and joint applications, based in Turkey and required for your Turkish gaming community, are united as a single channel in Gamelogi.
User Activity Tracking
With the analyzes that will be prepared based on the behavior of your gaming community, you can shape your Turkish gaming community as well as get an idea about Turkish localization.
Game Feedback Management
All players can make their feedback and complaints not only through the ticketing system, but also through all other channels owned by the game and/or game company. Gamelogi Gaming Community Management offers the opportunity to follow up the demands and complaints of your Turkish players with its unique feedback system.

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