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Gamelogi Outsourcing Blockchain Game Support Service and Team

A great team of game-crazy experts who are raising the bar for Blockchain Game Support Services in the gaming industry! A new system, excitement and world… Blockchain Games attract the attention of all players and take the games to the next level.

Gamelogi, which is open to innovations, is with you in your Blockchain Games. We are leveling up your Blockchain game project in a structure that is ready to integrate all services.


Blockchain Game Support
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Gamelogi provides gamers with flawless gaming services to help you achieve your new goals.
Blockchain Game Customer Support
Gamelogi Gaming Customer Support, on the other hand, offers this service as an ideal outsource, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, with its professional team consisting of experts in Turkey and the Turkish Game Market.
Blockchain Game Operation
The Gamelogi Team manages your Blockchain game, applies moderation in a fair and balanced way, and provides moderation protocols and controls.
Blockchain Game Community Management
It handles your Forum, Discord, Portal, Web, Social Media management and all business partnerships and joint applications required for your Turkey-based and Turkish gaming community are united as a single channel in Gamelogi.
Blockchain Game Localization
Blockchain game localization is checked by Gamelogi Game Quality Assurance teams through Localization Testing. With double-stage controls, your game translations are user-oriented.

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